video 10 Aug

It’s the end and yet we’re still here blogging, we just can’t seem to let go :P. 8 weeks! Time goes by so fast. Now that it’s all over we are feeling a little bit lost because we will miss working together!

We had our presentation today after a final run through in the carpark. I think we all did very well and we had a group hug and cheer at the end of it. Looking forward to 19/8!

Thank you Tanya!!! You’ve been very helpful and given us lots of advice when there was something we didn’t know how to do. Thanks Amanda for always cheering us up! We will miss you guys!!!!

Team YouthworX

video 9 Aug

Final video! Unfortunately, this is what happens when you only have 15 seconds each to talk :/ Awkward…

In summary, the stuff we have produced for YouthworX:

- Brand (logo, brand values, brand personality)

- Promo material (x8 A2 posters, apple stickers, x8 t-shirt designs, business cards)

- E-Newsletters (YouthworX and Appleseed)

- Website (

- How-to manuals (maintaining website, Appleseed journalists, Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp)

- Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter)

- Marketing plan & branding criteria

video 9 Aug

Gina has worked very hard since the first day of this challenge. We helped come up with lots of ideas for this website. From designing the layout all together, then having our 1st draft of concept. After that, we start developing more and keep drawing everyday. During this web design process (especially Gina), we had felt depressed, upset, disappointed, frustrated, confused, tired, excited, happy, unbelievable, successful, then depressed again, upset again, disappointed again and so on… (upside down, unstable and unexpected emotions)…

But today, we feel so impressed and proud of ourselves. We are proud of Gina who has done amazing coding, she never gave up and kept upgrading her coding skill.
We are proud of Vanessa and I for illustrating the website and promo material.
We are proud of Lydia for doing the perfect marketing plan.
Thanks to Tanya for your professional suggestions.
Thanks to Amanda for your positive thinking.

This 1:30 video show all our design process, from nothing to perfection, from depression to success. Enjoy this video.

By the way, want to see how successful we are? Go to

- Carmen 

video 9 Aug

I’ve been busy formatting all these documents, here is a sample of the Admin Manual for the Appleseed site. It lets YouthworX know exactly how to manage the site from day to day, so they can feel empowered and able to maintain the site. 

Gina has spent ages learning how to ensure the site is user friendly to all its users: YouthworX, the youth, and organisations submitting events. So this manual is a 25 page document that covers the lot.


- Lydia

video 9 Aug

Here is a sample from the MailChimp document. Carmen has been busy with the newsletters getting a header for each month as well as thinking about how to sustain the newsletters when YouthworX is needing to change them.

So now there is a YouthworX newsletter (good bye Microsoft Outlook for formatting them, Manda) and an Appleseed newsletter and a document to tell them how to use it.

- Lydia

video 9 Aug

Our online newsletter design process.

- Carmen 

video 8 Aug

Stick to Appleseed like glue.

Ok, so we thought we’ll have a little fun with promotion, we had to get to all cliche about something!!

We went to the supermarket to do some research about apple stickers. We had fun, and felt a bit like children who love to collect stickers. Haha! We found that there are a lot of different shapes but they were all around the same size.

So we’ve designed a funky looking little sticker similar to what you find on fruit! Now we just have to go out an do a bit of guerilla advertising and raid some supermarket apples!!!

- Vanessa & Carmen

text 8 Aug Attention to detail!!!

Ok, so it’s tying up all the loose ends and looking at the little details that often take the most time. On Saturday it came to our attention that we needed a favicon (the little image you see next to the URL). And my god I have a new found respect for the pixel artists who do those tiny things!!!! It’s smaller than an ant, the 1px Photoshop brush was even too small!!!

It actually took awhile to do I must admit, at first I tried an apple cut in half, but as we were looking at it, Tanya mentioned it looked like a bum :O So after she mentioned that it had to change so then we tried just the letter ‘a’ of our logo, even that wasn’t right so with some team work Carmen and did an apple slice which is looking a lot less bum-ish. Ah Appleseed, you have bought many laughs

- Vanessa 

P.S. Below are the images, they’re so tiny you probably missed them :P


text 8 Aug Thanks Tanya!!!

Another work day from 10am to 7pm at Rad3. We really like the atmosphere in there.
Thank you Tanya for spending the whole Saturday with us!
I guess this is the last workshop day, and we will miss the time we spent together!

- Carmen 

video 8 Aug

I’ve been working hard on the marketing plan. It now looks like it is a 27 page document, of lots of ideas that YouthworX can use to get Appleseed growing. Almost finished the final touches of the plan, it includes a lot of imagery of the website and promotional material as well as the marketing mix, product, promotion, price and place. And a cool SWOT analysis that Manda did for YouthworX, the first time she has ever thought about that and it is interesting to see that Appleseed can support them by developing new contacts in areas they are lacking such as with teachers.

- Lydia

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